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08 October 2022

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First Name : Miller332
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All the records on the screen show that the player has always used the same IP address to log in, including the latest online ten minutes ago! …… Chen Ming's scalp tingled, and the cold air behind him swished up. Could it be that this time it was another supernatural event? 31 Conjuring Constitution? Once frightened by the dragon, Chen Ming, who had been calm for ten years, calmed down and went behind Yan Hao to watch the battle. See these two people are stealing ginseng fruit in Wuzhuangguan, one attracts strange one picks fruit, cooperate quite tacit understanding. Can look carefully, Chen Ming almost did not put the nose gas crooked, is for Zhenyuan Daxian gas. It is said that this ginseng fruit can enrich the blood, supplement the physical strength, refine the medicine, and get twice the result with half the effort when taking it when practicing. It is really a necessary good product for killing people and fighting monsters at home and traveling. Therefore, Wuzhuang Temple has always been a place where players gather, but most of them do not come to steal fruit, but wait outside the village to prepare for robbery. Why is that? Then we have to talk about Chen Ming's BT game design. Although this ginseng fruit has many mouth-watering benefits, the requirements for players are not high, the level of monsters is very low, but in terms of quantity and refresh speed, it is BTBT BH. Players who come here do not form a team, one is because there are too many monsters here, and the other is that the refresh frequency is fast, with new monsters coming out every minute on average. If you come alone,ultrasonic cutting machine, you can only be submerged in the strange group, and you can't even get to the tree, let alone use the tree climbing skills. Especially the chicken rib is that the monster here is the guardian monster, although the level is not high and not difficult to kill, but basically do not drop things, and although the monster brush so fast so much, but that twisted branches and luxuriant Nuo big ginseng fruit tree fruit is only a few, that is to say, a group of people to fight for a long time,ultrasonic molten metal, half a day tired and half dead can only pick a few fruits. It's not enough for everyone. As a result, compared with the time and energy spent, just a few ginseng fruits seem insignificant, which has caused a group of robbers who bully the weak and ignore morality to squat outside the temple, waiting for the players inside to go home when they are physically and mentally exhausted, killing and stealing goods. So although the ambrosia is very envious, but the old saying is good, delicious fruit is poisonous, not poisonous fruit is not easy to pick ah! Yan Hao and Xia Hua two people normally speaking, should not have appeared in such a place to waste time, but they just came, but also very happy to pick. But the way they steal the fruit and attract the monster.. Chen Ming couldn't help spurting out a mouthful of blood. Sure enough, BT's thinking is only BT's best solution! Xia Hua's race is an elf, and flying is an innate skill, so now he leisurely flies around the ginseng fruit tree at a low altitude, and from time to time falls down to throw a skill, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, seducing a large number of whole groups of guardian monsters to run after him, exhausted. Yan Hao, on the other hand, climbed up the tree and waited leisurely for the ginseng fruit to be refreshed every 15 minutes. Neither of them had any loss, not to mention that the summer flower was in its original state to exercise flying, which could also increase proficiency and improve the use of skills. Chen Ming sighed with an embarrassed face. How did they come up with this Orz. But this is not the time to sigh, Chen Ming shook his head, picked up the paper on the table to write: "First offline, I have something to say to you." Yan Hao gave him a strange look and said to Xia Hua, "I'm a little ahead of time." Then he broke UT and looked up at Chen Ming waiting for him to speak. Chen Ming gave a dry cough, "Cough, this." How to say, you and this'summer flower 'chat these days, really sure he is not the original life like summer flower? Yan Hao answered with great certainty: "Of course not, their voices are completely different, and he himself said no, it's just a friend of Xia Hua." Chen Ming surprised, "he said."? When did he say that? "Yesterday, before you came back, he said that Xia Hua had gone on a trip, but he didn't want to fall too much when he came back, so he asked him to help him practice." Yan Hao slanted his head to repeat. Did he say where Xia Hua went? When will you be back? Chen Ming asked. No, he said he didn't know. Xia Hua only told him that she would go to a place far away and would not come back in a short time. ” Chen Ming's cold sweat. Why is it more and more like a suspense horror movie, Orz? "Well, well, don't get excited when you hear that. It's like this. I just checked the login IP of this summer flower. It's exactly the same as the previous summer flower. This means that this summer flower should always surf the Internet at the summer flower's home we've been to, including now." Chen Ming took a deep breath and said. Yan Hao frowned and understood for a long time. "You mean he lives in Xia Hua's house?" "From the IP display, it seems that this is the case, but from the situation we went to last time, it seems unlikely that if such a friend lived in Wei Su's house, there is no reason that Yang would not know where Wei Su was going, and he was so nervous to go to France to find him." And that house doesn't seem to have a third party at all, Chen Ming thought to himself. Yan Hao frowned and thought for a moment. He raised his eyelashes and said to Chen Ming, "That's easy. Let's go and have a look again." Chen Ming is depressed, I know you are a stubborn child to say this sentence, "Well, I will accompany you in the evening." Anyway, it's useless to stop him. He is a fairy who can go to heaven and earth in an ever-changing way. If he sneaks away, he may not know what will happen. He should sacrifice his life to accompany Xiaolong. Wait until after work, two people did not eat to drive straight to Xia Hua's house, to the downstairs Chen Ming hesitated again, this should ring which doorbell ah? If you press Xia Hua's house, what do you say? This just 3 days time, Yang certainly has not come back, if really has a friend in. Well, that's right. A friend confirmed that this is still a normal world rather than a supernatural event. Good thing! Chen Ming, who had figured it out, began to ring the doorbell with a smile on his face-as he wished, there was no response after pressing seventeen or eighteen times, and the loudspeaker was still silent. Chen Ming put his hand on his forehead, no,ultrasonic extraction cbd, no, is it true that he is a spiritual constitution? But now it was time for dinner, and it was hard to say that he had gone out for dinner or something. Chen Ming racked his brains to comfort himself. fycgsonic.com

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